Content Management System


A two-sentence definition of a CMS including its uses and why it is valuable in web design

CMS or a content management system is the core heart of your website that helps manage and maintain your content without needing to be a code writer.


The role plugins and themes will play in your website

Plugins and theme are set templates to help control placements or appearance of your contents on your site. Theme help set a color pallet, font, and layout for your website. While all can be changed and customized it has a set layout where you can basically drop in your content without needing to know to code. This makes building a website quick and easy.

Plugins work similarly. They are little layouts you can use to help customize your website. Such as adding a calendar or map on your website. Plugins have the coding for that and make it easy to use these features.


An overview of your chosen theme and the different ways you might, later on, customize it to make it better represent your own unique design brand (color scheme, page structure, plugins, etc.)

I would like to make several changes to my current theme. I would like my site to have a white, black, charcoal and burnt pink color theme. My style is professional fun. So I want my site to feel clean and professional with bits of fun elements and pops of pink to really give it a bit of playfulness.

For the layout, I want a quick brief view of my portfolio and resume on the front page. I want to make it simple for people to see some of my best work, my skill sets, recent projects and how to contact me without having to click off the home page. Allowing there to be other pages for more detailed information if they are interested and want to know more, but allowing them to see the necessary amount right away.


A citation. At least one link documenting research conducted when creating the post.

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