Cool Breeze Package Design Process

Cool Breeze

Sometimes when it comes to design you have to take a step back and just look around you. For this project, I was given the task of creating a package design for a perfume called cool breeze.

“Cool Breeze is a sexy blend of scents guaranteed to bring out the Cool side in us all. Based around a spicy, wild and primitive scent meant to make the wearer feel capable of conquering the world. This product contains highly concentrated fragrances chosen from the best sources around the world. Please spray responsibly.”

One of my best strengths played a big role in the idea behind this design. For this design, my mind instantly envisioned a cool beach day, soft blues, purples, and tans. As beautiful as I felt that design would be, it was too on the nose. Like what was excepted from the name. I wanted this product to grab attention, literally snapping peoples heads to it. So I took a trip to a local store and stared at the shelf with the perfumes. While I looked over the designs on the shelf I tried to see what was most common or what might be something that was missing. After my small field trip, I took another look at the product description and latched onto a few important descriptive words.

“make the wearer feel capable of conquering the world.” – Confidences

“bring out the Cool side in us all” – Cool

“Cool Breeze, Designer quality fragrances” – Designer

I wanted a design that was confident, reflected the feeling of being cool, and was something to show off and display.

I focused in on a pair of sunglasses. Nothing can make you feel as confident and cool than a brand new pair of sunglasses, especially a designer pair. So to took that feeling and gave it a bright confident color palette. I avoided red because it could be too overpowering. However orange had that bright eye-catching feeling without feeling dangerous. Plus a someone who is confident and cool can rock any color.

I used the pop art design to help filter that cool outlook. Most perfumes are elegant and flowery. So I wanted something that was so cool it almost doesn’t belong.

Taking the time to do the research and think outside the box really helped bring this design together. It was exactly the traits I needed to make this package design amazing.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

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