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On the complexly other side of the spectrum, sometimes clients will bring you project that you just click with! As they explain what they want you can’t help flood your mind with ideas. I was presented with the task of designing a logo, symbol,  and pattern for a tea company called Steep.

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Company Overview

Steep is a tea company based in Richmond, Virginia. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality black, green, and herbal teas in the state of Virginia. Using the best ingredients from around the world, Steep has created a variety of unique custom tea blends. Steep is looking to develop a set of subscription boxes that will deliver tea, cookies, and travel mugs to people across the country and around the world.

Company Keywords






After reading the keywords I knew exactly what direction to take this project. I drew inspiration from old Japanese tea traditions and kimono patterns. Kimonos are beautiful works of art. Often depicting mysterious or tranquil stories of the past. Not to mention the well-known Japanese tea rituals that are commonly practiced in japan.

With this knowledge in hand I focuses in on the traditional tea cup most commonly used in japan which I created using the two E’s in the company name.  Referencing Japans love for technology and advancement I picked a font that was both modern but not over powering. It has enough sedulity to allow the cup to be the main focus without making the work completely unreadable.

Once I narrowed down the shape I wanted I turned it into a repeating pattern that replicated the feeling of a kimono pattern. Giving the company a gentle earthly tones of green, brown and tan to help with that natural and calming feeling.

I knew right away what direction I was going with this project. Sometimes your strengths pull your through right away and bring out a wonderful design. With this project the keyword really narrowed in my focus. To me they just screamed Japanese tea traditions! I’m so proud of how this design came out.

Trust your gut.

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