Don’t Fear the Billboard

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Challenging your skills. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum there are times when we are presented with a project we could spend hours on and feel like we have gotten nowhere. For me this project was a billboard sign for Most Home. While I had tons of ideas for the for the company my sources were limited. The company was determined to only use a set of 4 pictures. While they weren’t bad images they were bad selections for the campaign they wanted to show.

The company was wanted a campaign to sell their new smart lock. The images they had focused on the technology and the smart lock features. However, the community they are using the billboard in didn’t have a large community of tech lovers. The community valued family and community connection. So as a designer it was very difficult to figure out how to put these two pieces together. How do you use tech images to reach a not so tech community?

I decided trying to effect the emotions would be a great way to sell this product. Since family is what the community valued I wanted to make a campaign that effected that. Choosing a tag line like “is your family safe?” was a good way to do this. I wanted people to question their families safety and have a need for something that would offer a solution to this fear.

To help push the fear factor a tiny bit more I wanted to use an alarming color that contrasted with the blue of images they provide. Which I selected an orange, it’s an eye catching color that causes alarm and contrast well the blue. With the colors and scare line I felt this was a great way to connect or get the attention of the community.

While the community is not as interested in tech, by making the tech something that would be needed to protect something they truly care about. This was a great tactic to get the product marketed but it wasn’t easy getting to it. Sometimes an artist take on project that go against their strongest skills. However the best skill a designer can have is to always keep learning. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take on challenges in your career. You never know what you can achieve until you try!

Never stop Learning!

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