My name is Danielle Johnston. I am a graphic designer & the creative spirit behind all the magic.

Since I was very young I have loved to draw and create. Bringing ideas to life has always been something that I truly feel passionate about. Creating is something I can not live without.

Drawing inspiration from Disney and anime. Disney instilled values and beliefs of magic and wonder. While anime inspired fun and crazy creative worlds that pushed the boundaries of the imagination.

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Over the years, I have built my skills in serval different fields. I have dabbled in: Drawing, Digital illustration, Acrylic painting, Beading, Photography, Event coordinator

Microsoft Office

I have planned an entire wedding from the ground up. Brought magic to life in the eyes of young children, through my photography with Santa Claus. Gave a scrambled vision clarity, by helping another express their ideas, understanding them and giving them life. I have brought organizations to my team, through quick logical decision and understanding of not only my strengths and weaknesses but my teams as well. With a  positive encouraging attitude, I have helped have uplifted the spirits of my team, helping us to surpass our goals.

I can’t get enough of creative problem-solving. I love a challenge and strive to always be improving my skills. True to this statement I have returned to college as of January 2017. Striving to get my Bachelors in Graphic design from Independence University. My current goals are to improve and advance my career into a creative field. Someday, I plan to open my own art store and can be involved in character design. Remember as you look around this is only where I have been.

I welcome any ideas, comments, or critiques. I can not get better if I don’t know where to improve. Plus I love a challenge.

Always be who you are.

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