Sweet Sensations Bakery

Sweet Sensations Bakery is a new gourmet cookie and cupcake company. They are located in Wichita, Kansas and strive to bring custom, one-of-a-kind cookies and cupcakes, that you won’t find in local pastry shops, to the local grocery stores and coffee shops in the city. Their emphasis is on handmade + homemade, fresh, indulgent ingredients, and a low price that everyone can afford. Sweet Sensations Bakery was created with the vision of embracing a bursting sensation of flavor in every bite.

When I first started my research on bakery’s that were possible competition I ran across Mrs. Fields cookies. Taking a look into this cookie giant they advertise delicious gourmet homemade cookie. However a major of their products are mix kits that you take home and bake yourself. While they do have their store fronts most cookies are premade and manufactured.

Using this knowledge I chose to focus on a unique handmadefeeling. Sweet sensations bakery is fresh, homemade, unique, rustic and thoughtful. This was a great direction to compete with the manufactured feelingthat the competitor had. By focusing on quality and not mass production.

For this we had to narrow into what was important to our target audience. Our target audience was focused on young mothers with children. This demographic was likely to want safe home feeling places to take their children. It offers an affordable place for families to build memories with their children or other loved ones.

Knowing all of this I designed this logo. I wanted to capture a bit of that hand written signature feeling that Mrs. Fields but I wanted it to have a bit more points and curves. This would be in reference to the icing that you write on cakes with.  The cupcake icon was designed to not only give kind of a fun and older looking professional look but it allows the logo to be rustic while still having aspect of it that would function well in modern social media.

As you can see the logo is versatile in a variety of colors that work well with the brand. I selected the rich mint green and light brown because of its home and natural feelings. The brown is warm and inviting. Like the smells of friend chocolate. Paired with the cool mint green gives it a familiar mint chocolate look that is inviting and rustic. It has a homemade modern feeling all together.

As you can see the icon is circular which will work well with most social media platforms and would be well seen even when being views as a comment on a cell phone.

For colors I focused on the tones between my creamy brown and rich mint green. I feel like keeping this color consistent for the brand with give everything this unique and rustic feeling. When using this logo you want to avoid using bright saturated colors. These will subtract from homemade rustic feeling. While Sweet sensations bakery might be a bright and fun place its not what we are focusing on when it comes to branding. They want to be seen as homemade and thoughtful.  Also when using the logo go not stretch or distort it. As you can see here it really takes away from the feeling the logo had before. And again no highly saturated colors.

Here are just few fun mock ups of uniforms or merch that can be made available for customers. I went ahead and designed both brown and mint green to give a variety. For boxes and bags for the treats we want them to be simple and almost used. We are going for rustic. So using the logo on the box allows for a modern feeling without looking too modern and it will be accompanied with a brown paper back to reference that old rustic feeling.

Stay Sweet!